Our Business is still open.

Food safety and legionella thermometers for essential service providers are our priority。 Extra cleaning and staff distancing is in place。 Homeworking is enabled where possible。


TME helps business with Forehead Thermometers and Key Worker Discounts
COVID-19 Emergency 40% Discount for  NHS, Care Providers, Food Manufacturers and all other front line services
2020 New Year Thermometer Bargains for Food and Catering Businesses
NEW MM7010 Bluetooth Logging Thermometer/Print Combo
Christmas Offer From TME
TME’s NEW Legionella Water Safety Products at Healthcare Estates 2019
History of Thermometery状元彩票计划
Low Cost Test Solution for Unblended Hot and Cold Water Pipes
New Temperature Accessory Doubles Legionella Prevention
TME showcase NEW Legionella Data Integrity System at Healthcare Estates 2018  Manchester Central 9-10 October状元彩票计划
Water temperature testing to prevent Legionnaires’ disease
Chefs Use Sous Vide Temperature Kit
TME Launch Radical New Legionella Risk Management Probe KS20-S
TME to Exhibit at first-ever H&C EXPO at Celtic Manor on 17-18 July 2018
TME Campervan at Commercial Kitchen 2018 - NEW Thermometers & Special Offers
TME Showcase NEW MM7000-2D Thermometer with 1D & 2D Barcode Scanning Visit Foodex 2018 for a hands-on demonstration
TME’s MM7100 ThermoBarScan Shortlisted for National FM Award 2016
Seasons Cheer! Seasonal Offers from TME Thermometers
TME launch Black Friday Sale 2017 - Catering
Buy a Bargain Sous Vide Kit This November from TME
TME make all the best connections @Sensors & Instrumentation 2017
Legionella water testing – healthcare delegates applaud practicality状元彩票计划
TME Exhibits NEW Wall Mounted Temperature Kit at Lunch! 2016

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