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TFS01CONN - T Type Simulant Probe & 2m Connection Cable

Sous Vide Temperature Monitoring Kit

SVK1 - Sous Vide Temperature Monitoring Kit

BREW1 - Brewers Kit - MM2010, TP05, TM04 & MMWallHold

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BREW1 - Brewers Temperature Monitoring Kit - no matter what you brew - beer, larger, cider, IPA or bitter, this kit is used by the craft beer specialist and hobbyists alike。

Comprising of the MM2010 Digital Handheld Thermometer, T Type Needle Handheld Probe, T Type Extended Immersion Handheld Probe and Wall Mount Unit, this kit is ideal for preparation, mash, brewing, fermentation and bottling processes for the perfect pint.


Handheld Thermometer

Single Input Thermocouple

• Max/Min Functions

• Hold Function

• Dual Display

• °C/°F/°A selectable

• Simultaneous display of real time

• Max/min/hold measurement

Measurement Range: -200 to +1,372°C (probe dependant)

Accuracy: - ± 0.1% of Reading ± 0.2°C

IP67 Waterproof Casing

状元彩票计划Low Battery Indication

Selectable Thermocouple Types


Rubber Boot included for extra protection against damage

Includes 1 x PP3 Battery


Measurement Range (Probes):


TP05: -100 to 280°C

TM04: -200 to 400°C

Probe measurements:


TP05 – 115 x 3。3mm

TM04 – 300 x 3mm - Also available in different lengths


  MMWALLHOLD – Strong, hygienic stainless steel wall mountable holder with side clips. Holds one thermometer and up to two probes. Measures 93 x 145 (incl clips) x 40mm. Keyhole slots for wall mounting.



MM2010 Multi-Function Thermocouple Thermometer

状元彩票计划TP05 T Type Needle Probe

状元彩票计划TM04 T Type Extended Immersion Probe

MMWALLHOLD – Wall Mount Holder for Thermometer and two Probes



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